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Are you for peace and liberty in the US? If so, why don’t you consider voting for Ron Paul 2012?

Stranger 1: um

Stranger 2: i mean

Stranger 1: i dont know about Paul

Stranger 2: thats a bit personal

Stranger 1: not hard on Iran enough

Stranger 1: war is important to peace

Stranger 2: that seems backwards

Stranger 2: a paradox

Stranger 1: but it works

Stranger 2: warring for peace is like fucking for virginity

Stranger 1: not really

Stranger 1: when Roman fought war with Carthage

Stranger 1: they never had to both with them again

Stranger 1: peace when throughout the Republic

Stranger 1: until greed and civil war

Stranger 2: intimidation and fear and different from peace

Stranger 2: peace based on intimidation isn’t peace

Stranger 2: it’s just potential violence

Stranger 1: but getting peace without fear is not peace

Stranger 1: its false hope

Stranger 1: conflict will alway happen

Stranger 2: real peace is based on agreement

Stranger 1: until a party abuses it

Stranger 2: that can go back into the human psychology.

Stranger 2: humans are never perfect and will always end up falling to greed

Stranger 1: which will create unrest

Stranger 2: so in technicality, actual complete peace is never possible, simply due to human behaviour

Stranger 1: sounds like a state of mind

Stranger 2: what do you mean?

Stranger 1: its something we create in our heads

Stranger 2: peace?

Stranger 1: something we hope to make as best as possible

Stranger 2: that is true.

Stranger 2: different meanings and terms of peace.

Stranger 2: though it can also be that one man’s peace is another’s unrest.

Stranger 1: Treaty of Versailles 1919/1920?

Stranger 1: we created peace in europe but at germany’s cost

Stranger 1: which created unrest

Stranger 2: True. so peace has a cost.

Stranger 2: and thus complete (global) peace isn’t possible

Stranger 2: ?

Stranger 1: pretty much

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I’m in Chicago right now and I’m loving every minute… I forgot my camera but I’m taking plenty of pictures from my phone! :D

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